This film will be the most personal I will ever make, and it is also the most painful. It explores the relationship between my mother and I, as the title says. During the summer of 2013, at the age of 90, my mother was losing her ability to communicate with the world. Physically in reasonably good shape but mentally deteriorating fast I took the last opportunity, I thought, to heal some old wounds and make us love each other. I filmed several conversations with her, while she did not realize who I was... yet she knew she hated her daughter...



We are starting to develop a feature-length documentary about a modelling school with a difference: one of Hungary’s most famous ex-models, Enikő Sütő, runs a modelling school where she integrates attractive young model hopefuls with individuals who are less fortunate.
They can be unattractive, fat, have some debilitating illness, such as epilepsy, or be disadvantaged in any other way. She wants to make these students feel good about themselves, develop their self-confidence and explore beauty that comes from within, rather than without. They will be doing the course side-by-side with those who really strive to make it to the cat-walk.